Do you have Insurance?

Yes. We can provide a copy of the policy to the reception hall if needed. Please ask ALL vendors this question. It’s a must!!!

How long have you been in business?

Mobile Rhythm DJ service has been in business in Howell since August of 1992 and services all of Detroit metro, Lansing, Ann Arbor and all of lower Michigan. All of our DJ’s are experienced and familiar with all aspects of the wedding business.

Do you provide/require a contract?

Yes, we will provide a contract. This is a simple yet legal way to outline our terms and conditions.

Do you require a deposit & when is final payment due?

Yes. We require a deposit to book your date and reserve your special day. It is deducted from your total. Final payment is due two weeks prior to the event along with the reception guidelines and special request list. This would be the time you will meet with the DJ for final details.

How do you accept payment?

We can accept payment by cash, check, major credit card and Paypal.

Who will be my DJ?

Mobile Rhythm employs several enthusiastic and talented DJ’s. If you prefer a DJ you’ve seen at a previous event, all efforts will be made to accommodate you. Otherwise, your DJ is chosen based on availability.

Will you be the Master of Ceremonies (M.C.) and/or coordinator for the event?

Yes. Your DJ will be the M.C. for the event. He will also be the reception coordinator and organizing for the wedding party, from the introduction into the hall, to the cake cutting, the toast, blessing, and right down to the dance floor.

Can we meet you before making our decision?

YES! We suggest you meet any DJ before booking. One of our DJ’s will set up a time to meet you at a central location. He will provide information about him or herself, and answer any of your questions. This will give you a chance to discuss exactly what you are looking for, and there is no obligation to commit at this time.

Can we personalize a list of songs for our event?

Yes. We highly encourage you to create your own song list. We can provide you with a master song list through our online planning service. We recommend you choose approximately 30-40 songs. With our planning forms you can make a “must play”, “play if possible” & a “do not play list”. You can even bring your own CD’s if you like.

Can our guests make requests?

Yes. We will gladly take requests from your guests as long as they fall under your guidelines. The guest will also be able to make requests before the wedding through our online service if you choose this part of the online planning service(at no extra cost).

Is there extra cost for travel or set-up time?

No. Our price reflects the service and actual play time. If there is extra cost it will be discussed in advance.

Do you bring back-up equipment?

Yes. We bring certain items as back-up, such as an extra mixer, microphones and a speaker.

How will our DJ be dressed?

If this is a formal event the DJ will be in a tuxedo. If this is a casual event (in the back yard) the DJ will be dressed accordingly.

Should we include the DJ in our lunch/dinner count?

Although it is not required, a meal would be appreciated.

You shouldn’t ask I am looking for the best price! It should be “I’m looking for the best DJ!”